Heritage Restaurant

Our Story

“The Indochina Bank Building”

This 120 year old building was constructed in French colonial style for the purpose of housing the Indochina Bank. It became the property of the Cambodian Van family in 1960, and served as the family residence for many years. In 1970 when the civil war broke out, the entire family fled the country with the youngest of their two daughters, Porleng and her sister Porlim. In 2003 with the economic opening of the country the Van family procured their former house from the Cambodian government and Porleng was given the task of restoring it to its former glory. Giving attention to every detail she researched the archives of the National Library of French Colonies in Aix-en-Provence, France to provide her with accurate historical accounts of the building. Between August 2003 and April 2004 the restoration took place with most of the genuine tiles, colored windows, beautiful wooden panels and most of all the authentic grandeur of the building intact. In 2007 the family decided to open the building to the public. What better way to do so, than to offer it as a French gastonomique culinary experience.

The Chef

Chef Nicolas Malherbe is from Perpignan, South of France and has joined Van’s Restaurant since 2009. He has lifted the profile of French Cuisine in Cambodia by combining his modern and classic interpretation of the French gastronomy. With his twenty years’ experience in the kitchen, including working with world class Michelin stars restaurants such as L’Almandin ( 1 star Michelin ), L’ Astor ( Owner Joel Robuchon, 2 stars Michelin), L’ Hotel Million ( 1 star Michelin) and L’Hostellerie Les Gorges de Pennafort ( 1 star Michelin) ; Chef Nicolas Malherbe hope to bring the best of his gastronomy skill to this unique association of culinarian and architectural art that offers Van’s Restaurant.


Chaîne des Rôtisseurs

Van’s Restaurant is affiliated with the Chaine Des Rotisseurs, a well-known international gastronomic society founded in Paris. This society has the credo of promoting and developing gastronomic values in fine cuisines.

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